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Freelance writing - outsource writing offshore for faster and cheaper results

Precision Documents is an Internet-based freelance writing company that "fills your documentation gap" in all areas of technical writing. We are here to help you to outsource writing offshore for faster and cheaper results.

Why are we faster? New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of the East coast of the USA, and 12 hours ahead of the UK, allowing us to work overnight while you sleep. You can not beat freelance writing and telecommuting for speed or efficiency.

Why are we cheaper? Thanks to the weak New Zealand dollar, we can charge 30% cheaper rates than our US or British counterparts. This adds up to a significant saving for you, the customer, for the same top quality documentation. We also equip ourselves, eat and drink our own food, and do not get involved in office politics. Compare this to the costs of a full time writer (salary, perks, insurance, paid holidays, etc.).

The team lead is Nicholas Coldrick, a senior technical writer with 8 years experience providing complete documentation solutions in both permanent and contract positions. We specialize in providing the following:

Information Mapping, usability, and single source methodologies are used when required. We have expert-level knowledge in using Microsoft Word, WordML, Adobe Acrobat, XML, XSLT, MySQL, and PHP to get the job done.

We specialize in single source solutions using the above tools. What is single sourcing? In brief, it is the ability to write and edit documentation content once, and publish it in many different formats. Single sourcing is a popular term in software documentation these days. However, it's important to note that single sourcing is not appropriate to every problem; we're not biased, and will recommend the best solution for your specific situation.

Contact us for a free initial evaluation and estimate on your freelance writing job. Our prices are highly competetive - outsourcing writing offshore never looked so easy!

In addition to our core competencies, we have a network of associates who can provide additional expertise in areas like application development and additional resources for rapid solutions to large projects.