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Why choose Precision Documents?

Precision Documents focuses on the two critical areas that separate average technical writers and web designers from excellent technical writers and web designers:

  • complete knowledge of the product;
  • total focus on the audience.

The audience is often forgotten in the documentation and design process. Who is the audience? What assumptions can I make about their knowledge of the product and level of computer abilities? These are fundamental issues that drive document design, web design, and web implementation.


We work while you sleep!

New Zealand is one of the first countries to see each new day. For example, the East coast of the US is 16 hours behind New Zealand ( the West coast is 14 hours behind, and the British Isles is 12 hours behind). We can work on your job while you sleep, and give you immediate results the following day.


Service when needed

Documentation and web design work in many industries, particularly the software industry, is cyclic. There is no full-time work for a technical writer or web designer when they are documenting only one or two products. This is where Precision Documents fills the gap - we come in, do the work with little-to-no drain on your time, and disappear after release. No hassles, no problems. If you like what we did (and we're sure that you will), just call us in for the next release/revamp.



If you do not need a full-time technical writer on board, why pay for one? In the US, senior technical writer salaries (the level of quality you will receive from Precision Documents) run from the $50-100 thousand mark. Web designers are in the same category, often higher (because of the "trendy" nature of their work). This can be a serious drain on your resources for only part-time work.

Because Precision Documents is an Internet company, we use all our own resources when working for you. We design and write on our own computers, in our own office space, eat our own food, etc. There are no "extra" expenses involved in leveraging our unique skills.


Objective Approach

Because we can look at your product from an honest, outsider's point of view, we can provide an objective critique of your product while documenting it, including usability, GUI (Graphic User Interface), content, etc. It is almost like hiring a tester along with a technical writer or web designer.


Flexible Charge Rates

Precision Documents uses a lump-sum estimate charge rate, divided into 3 stages:

  • 1/3 of the estimate at the start of the project;
  • 1/3 of the estimate when 65% complete;
  • Balance due when the project is completed.

Exactly what you are paying for is worked out ahead of time, so that there are no little "surprises" in your final bill. Any additional work (new functionality, changes at the last minute) results in an hourly rate. You will be notified if there are any problems in the time frame or cost of the project.